Paddle North

This story follows a sea kayak journey along the Queensland coast of Australia. Two paddlers began, together with a small ground crew, a journey that began simply as an escape to a different lifestyle for a dreamer…Shaun West.

Shaun has always looked to the horizon and saw over that arbitrary line of sight a place that held secrets, surprises and something completely different to the world he had been living all his life.,320_.jpg

The book from which Shaun built the Cape Charles 18 sea kayak

Through talks and more dreaming with the president of a childhood cancer charity this simple dream grew into an adventure bigger and more life defining than anything he had ever thought possible.

Shaun built three expedition sea kayaks of plywood and fiberglass, spent countless hours learning, training and dreaming, and then with a small group of extremely special people, paddled towards that elusive horizon.

Shortcuts to the chapters;

Chapter 1; Description of the journey

Chapter 2; Southport to Coochin Creek


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