The Story of WILBER

Wilber began life thousands of years ago in the daily lives of the seafaring Asia-Pacific People.

Throughout time, human beings have explored and migrated as the needs of the community dictated.

Life was similar to ours, but different; at once more difficult and more simple.

Daily life revolved around hunting, gathering … and fighting.  The fundamental needs of life so frequently taken for granted in today’s world, those of food, water, and shelter, where often daily struggles.

 In today’s world many speak of “survivalists” and warble on about the skills needed to maintain these core elements for life. We don’t need to look too far back in time to see that these skills were simply a day-to-day fact, not something seen as a borderline mystical ability.

What has this got to do with a canoe-form craft?

Well, a lot of people hear of some person heading into the wilds with their whole world contained within the hull of a canoe or a sea kayak and they believe them to be something truly unique.

And I guess they are in today’s world, but again, not too long ago, it was simply a way of life. I believe the people in today’s world, who head into the wilds in a simplistic manner, will develop the same confidence and competance that came second nature to those who lived in this fashion historically.

The canoe-form craft provides a realistic way of venturing into, and exploring, an older way of life far removed from the modern world and yet not so difficult as to inhibit a comfortable, rewarding and satisfying experience.

Wilber’s ancestry dates back to times of exploration as a way of life and with his support I’ll follow some of the old ways to move around coastal regions and simply live.

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