Instincts Again



Instincts VS Desires

An Instinct is a typical reaction to a particular circumstance and a Desire is a strong wanting for a particular thing to happen.

Well today, early this morning, my desire and instinct was to hit the water and come what may, the wind was from the correct direction and I really wanted to throw the dock lines and get this journey under way.

However, with coffee in hand and a stumbling stroll along the docks, peering through the pea soup fog that blanketed any far shores, a tingling instinct was telling me that maybe today is not what I needed to make way on this journey.

Mid morning arrived, and passed, and I started thinking about what this expedition really represents to me. I really, really want to get back to my lifestyle, that is living simply in a coastal environment and taking each day as it comes. Make decisions based on circumstance, not a timetable based schedule.

My itchy feet were compelling me to leave this little piece of paradise and chase that elusive horizon; my personal Shangri-La. Yet there was still a flutter in the pit of my gut that needed me to hold off, just a little, and see what the world will bring.

Over a few hours during the middle of the day, it became apparent that I really was not willing to leave just yet,… for whatever the reason.

Halfway through the afternoon the fog began to lift but the day felt darker and, more of a feeling than a perception, something was changing. An hour later we watched as rolling, boiling clouds clawed their way over the tree tops from the north and made their way over our heads bringing another round of flood warnings with them.

Inches have fallen in time frames measured by minutes rather than hours, no doubt again I could have toughed it out on some beach along the way but that is not what I desired. I want to leave Pirates Cove on a sunny day and see the beauty that Alabamian’s are proud of and witness the Coastline of this region in its fullest splendor.

So Instinct tells me I could set sail and get to where I want to go but Desire dictates that I exercise patience and leave according to my predescribed vision of this coastline; deadline based schedules be-damned!

I feel a need to be frustrated with not going along with a predetermined plan, but it is simply not there, I’m actually enjoying being stuck here in Pirates Cove, Alabama. My journey will evolve, it will happen, but on terms dictated by my heart and the whims of the natural world.

So my Instinct is to follow my Desire in accordance with the circumstances dictated by Mother Nature and no-one else; yeah, that’s sounds good!


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