Instincts Again



Instincts VS Desires

An Instinct is a typical reaction to a particular circumstance and a Desire is a strong wanting for a particular thing to happen.

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Trusting Your Instincts


April 13, 2015

Saving the day with gut feelings.

Every now and then we get the opportunity to look back on a day and see that our instincts were spot on.

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The Journey’s Eve Arrives

Finally the time has come; Journey’s Eve.

As usual, in my world the best laid plans fall apart almost as soon as they’re made; flexibility and adaptability, you bet they’re good skills to have.

I wanted to be on the water for the Spring Equinox, for the beginning of Spring, the beginning of a new Journey, the beginning of a new Direction in life.

Well the beginning of something new remains the same, it just has a different starting line.

We will be on the road within a day or two heading for Texas, and instead of Port Mansfield it will probably be somewhere near Corpus Christi. In fact the original starting point was to be South Padre Island but a huge music festival is supposed to attract over 50,000 people; not so good. It was because of this the start was moved north to Port Mansfield and well, my not getting things done has caused this delay and now I’m looking at somewhere near Corpus Christi; the journey should start soon…ish.

I’ll spend a couple of days getting the boat assembled and then off towards that days horizon; whichever that may be.

This image below is what I’m aiming for and the one below that is where I am.



Cheers for now.

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