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Why I do what I do.

Why I do what I do.

From the very beginning I have never really understood the world we live in.

Life Confusion


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Another Milestone is Fast Approaching

Sunday 16 July

Another milestone is reached!


‘i’Beams nearing completion

Next in line after the major reworking on the hulls is the construction and fitment of the crossbeams. They are the very significant structures that hold the whole boat together and turn two separate hulls into a single, beautiful and strong journey boat. Along with the ropes that lash the beams to the hulls, they allow the boat to slightly flex when large loads are applied in heavy seas. Continue reading

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What have we learned, Where are we going?

What have we learned and where are we going; these are great questions to ask. We seem to ask ourselves these everyday and to be honest the answers we come up with are sometimes quite scary.

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