The New Plan Is: There Is No Plan!

The new plan is: there is no plan; because each plan we’ve made so far has been derailed.

My lofty plan was to assemble little Wilber somewhere near the U.S./Mexican border and make my way along the Gulf of Mexico shoreline and eventually end up in the Florida Keys for the Wharram Hui in May.

So far we’ve been late leaving Santa Fe, took too long to arrive in Pirates Cove in Josephine, Alabama, got waylaid by two weeks of thunder storms and stayed an extra week to attend a wooden boat festival; in which Wilber took second place in the multi hull division, well done Wilber!

And now, after a few days on the road we are in Islamorada in the Florida Keys and the Wharram Hui has just begun. Five boats so far, including Wilber, our 21 foot Tahiti Wayfarer, are on display on the waterfront of Lorelei’s Cabana Bar and what a beautiful sight it is. From a delightful 17 foot Hitia to a 35 foot Tangaroa with a Tiki 21 and a Pahi 31 making up the middle sizes, nearly every design class offered by the Wharram Design team is present.

For a dreamer like me it’s an over load of imagination candy!

Each afternoon we’ve been out sailing on someone’s boat and each time I’ve thought to myself, “yes, this is the boat for me”, and then l look to the next one and think, “maybe that one’s better”. Be it the sprawling comfort of a large size or the convenience of a smaller, easy to handle boat, the reasons for each are equally persuasive and this having no plan and therefore no specific need for either size is driving me nuts!

I’m left wondering if our plan of having no plan will get derailed like the original plans and leave us with a plan that we didn’t plan for; I think I need help with my brain.


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One thought on “The New Plan Is: There Is No Plan!

  1. It was very nice meeting you both at the Hui Wharram! I posted a few pictures at my blogsite, didn’t take nearly enough, but thats the way of things.


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